Conference Hall & Flat | Manor Barn

Posted in: Archived- Oct 25, 2011

Manor Barn

Clients of the specialist contractors, M J Abbott, required a plant that would be designed with great flexibility. Loadings from a single flat could be minimal and then to subsequently increase dramatically after having had a function in the converted Barn building. They needed treatment plant that would be able to cope with the wide variations in load as well as being able to be upgraded to take the potential future addition of the main 17 bedroom manor house.

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Luxury Homes & Lodges Finlake Holiday Park

Posted in: Archived- Jun 03, 2011


A failing treatment plant, along with an extensive development and investment program, is what prompted the Haulfryn Group’s board to engage consultants H2OK to evaluate the most suitable solution for resolving all the issues they had with its popular holiday Park’s waste water treatment. Whilst value for money was near the top of the list, the effect on the local environment was paramount to the company, who were keen to provide an environmental and sustainable solution.

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Micro Brewery | Scotland

Posted in: Archived- Jan 12, 2011

A few years ago, when farming was stuck in the Doldrums, John Henderson, the owner of the 1600 acre Chesters Estate near Ancrum, came up with the idea of an on farm brewery. It seemed sensible as the farm already grew its own barley and was blessed with a plentiful supply of natural spring water; all they needed to import were the hops. The spent grains from the brewing process would be fed back to estate cattle who in turn would provide natural fertiliser.

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UK Headquarters | National Grid

Posted in: Archived- Sep 04, 2010

National Grid Banner

The nerve centre for the National Grid, by the very nature of its role, needs to be sure that its services and infrastructure do not let it down. For the last 18 years a Bio-Bubble system has treated the waste water 24/7, 365 days a year to an exemplary standard. Previously the waste had been treated by an RBC type plant which suffered frequent failures, probably due to the nature of the waste stream which today comes from an extremely busy office environment served by a high quality canteen facility, circa 600 workers at any one time can be present on site producing a waste that is twice the strength of normal domestic waste.

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Veterinary Laboratories Agency DEFRA

Posted in: Archived- Jun 16, 2010

VLA Winchester is a Defra operated veterinary post mortem and disease testing centre. After the introduction of the post mortem complex to the site it became apparent that the existing treatment facilities would need updating to adequately treat the waste produced, and ensure that the risks of biological contamination from hazardous waste coming into contact with the local water course were managed properly. Issues with the surging of drains and consequential yard flooding were also elements that needed to be considered when designing a bespoke Bio-Bubble plant to deal with the problems.

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Soar Mill Cove Hotel | SSSI | Rare Long-Headed Clover

Posted in: Archived- Jul 17, 2009


Various floras within the grounds and surrounding area comprise of endangered species including colonies of shore dock, (Rumex Rupestris) alongside the nearby stream and the rare long-headed clover (Trifolium Incarnatum Molinerii). The shore dock Rumex Rupestris is particularly susceptible to competition from the Hottentot Bramble (Carpobrotus edulis) and other invasive species. Its global status is vulnerable.

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Calbourne Water Mill | SSSI | AONB

Posted in: Archived- Mar 26, 2009

Calbourne Water Mill Banner

The scenic Calbourne Water Mill on the Isle of Wight now has the reassurance of Bio-Bubble waste water treatment to ensure the effluent will meet a very high quality before discharging into the Caul Bourne.

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Dream Of The Good Life | Malaga, Spain

Posted in: Archived- Feb 05, 2009

Huerta SalazarBanner

Charles and Suzie Randall emigrated from the UK to Spain after renovating their farm, Huerta Salazar, The dream of the “good life” getting away from the rat race pulled them to an area in Spain where they had previously spent many family holidays;

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Soho House Group | Expand Existing Bio-Bubble Plant At Babington House

Posted in: Archived- Dec 03, 2007

The Bio-Bubble at Babington House was first installed in 1998 to treat the waste from the exclusive Babington House Members’ Club, Hotel and Spa. Set in 18 acres of Somerset Countryside, and one of a number of hotels owned by the internationally successful Soho House Group, Babington House has been further developed over the years building on that success. A fourfold increase in the amount of waste water produced meant that additional treatment capacity was required by adding further Treatment Reactors drawing from the Balance Tank. The underground Control room had sufficient space to allow for an upgrade of the control panel which with a broadband link enabling remote monitoring and running of the plant.

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