Kingston Country Courtyard | Dorset Wedding Venue

KCC wedding venue

Kingston Country Courtyards design specialist weddings to meet their client’s needs, the venue is within a tastefully renovated 16th century Purbeck stone barn located south of the famous Corfe Castle ruins.

The venue can cater for 130 seated guests at a reception with room for 175 attending the evening do and has 26 double rooms for the wedding party to stay.

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Most venues can hold two or three weddings a week during the peak season producing a lot of waste water on the day of the event, the Bio-Bubble being a Sequenced Batch Reactor can flatten out those daily peaks and troughs over the whole week matching the amount of treatment to the amount of waste produced, thus only using the energy needed rather than running 24 / 7 regardless. At quieter times of the year when it may only be the bed and breakfast accommodation in use the plant will adjust to this; indeed in low season the system can select Sleep mode on days when little or no waste is produced, lying ready and available to perform when the waste arrives. Once treated the waste keeps the old ponds topped up before leaving site to make its way down to the Corfe River.
The Bio-Bubble system does not only process the liquid like many package treatment options available; therefore primary sludge’s are not separated and stored for removal by tanker so one need not worry about odours leaving a septic primary tank and lingering locally.
The drainage and civil works for this project were undertaken by Jerry Lloyd of local waste water treatment firm Drainage 2000 Ltd.