Skiddaw View Holiday Park | Install a Bio-Bubble

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The popular North Lakes holiday park with outstanding views across to Skiddaw has attracted many families to holiday there over the years; the location for BBC’s new comedy Home from Home as well as being featured in ITV’s travel guide; Skiddaw View Holiday Park has been owned and run by the Carr family since 1990 and has seen a focussed effort on being an environmentally friendly environment.

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One of the more significant investments undertaken is the installation of a new Bio-Bubble waste water treatment plant; the Bio-Bubble will improve the quality of the water leaving the park environs to the Bulmer Beck and SSSI, before leaving the site drainage system the final effluent feeds a new attenuating pond that couples up as a water feature designed to encourage further wildlife to take up residence.  The Bio-Bubble has been designed and sized to permit a sensitive increase in park numbers over the coming years to help supply the demand for top quality accommodation and facilities in the Lake District.
As part of the new Environmental Permit which allows 35 m3/day with a quality of 12 mg/l BOD, 30 mg/l Suspended Solids and 4 mg/l Ammoniacal Nitrogen to be discharged; a comprehensive Environmental management plan has been put in place to mitigate risks to the absolute maximum numerical levels set above. To assist with the day to day monitoring of the treatment plant and the two transfer pump stations, we have a broadband link which permits remote access to the plant, email reports plant status and all alarms are monitored and stored for record, additionally the process parameters are trended on the Plant’s control room HMI, this gives engineers a quick visual aid reference for Dissolved Oxygen, pH & temperature and Mixed liquor suspended solids, furthermore one can toggle the history for comparison.  Using management information from these tools we can view build up in sludge levels, settlement speeds and the clarity of effluent at the time of discharging.
Bio-Bubble plants are ideally suited to the feast and famine nature with operation of Holiday Park facilities, the use of the Dissolved Oxygen probe to control the speed of the aeration blower along with Sleep Mode for the quieter times of year mean that only the energy required is used, unlike some systems that run 24/7 regardless.
This is the 2nd large holiday park within the Lake District National Park whose waste water is fully processed by the renowned Bio-Bubble Advanced Aeration process.