RSPCA Seal Pools | Upgrades to the Bio-Bubble systems to treat & recycle dumped water

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The RSPCA have a history of caring for injured seals and orphaned seal pups and demands have increased for a number of years; to aid the seals recovery process both RSPCA centre’s at West Hatch near Taunton and Mallydams Wood near Hastings have reasonably large seal pools to bring on the recovery process, for the latter stages they provide relatively deep water to exercise the seals in advance of release back to the wild. It is important that the water is changed, cleaned and replaced at regular intervals, meaning that in excess of 50 m3 of additional dirty water on top of the other waste water generated from recovery pens, ponds and daily centre activity is treated. The centres rely on generous donations from animal lovers to be able to carry out their good work.

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Both sites have operated Bio-Bubbles with success for a number of years with final effluent stored in a large lake at RSPCA West Hatch and a large reuse water tank at RSPCA Mallydams. The Seal pools have meant that more water was needed to be biologically processed through the Bio-Bubble, the consequence of which meant the process required far more in depth monitoring with the addition of Dissolved Oxygen and pH probes, furthermore an ultra violet disinfection system needed to be installed to replace the redundant ozone system previously used to disinfect the recycled water being returned for reuse. By recycling much of the water each centre can make significant savings on their respective potable water supply bills, meaning the monies can be directed to better use.
We remotely connect to site each day to view the control panel screen, compare trends that are logged historically and charted for quick comparison and by so doing we are able to make process adjustments right when they are needed.