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Hill Brush was established in 1922 and has since grown to become the UK’s leading supplier of quality cleaning equipment. With a portfolio of over 3000 products and a distribution network of over 95 countries, Hill Brush products are world renowned. The company has been based on Woodlands Road in Mere, Wiltshire since 1936 and as the business has grown and personnel have increased, they were close to capacity. As part of their future growth plans, Hill Brush designed a purpose built, 9,000m² factory development, this included a Visitor Centre with Shop, Café/Restaurant and Museum all to entice the local and wider community with quality products and to give an insight into their heritage.

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M J Abbotts Ltd are specialist contractors who were given the task of obtaining a license from the Environment Agency, unfortunately the site porosity was virtually zero and there were no streams or lakes nearby to discharge in to. Alternatives could have been extremely costly but with the Bio-Bubble system surpassing European standards and promising to achieve a BOD of 10, Suspended Solids of 15 and Ammonia of 2 the license was granted to discharge to a highway drain (permission approved by local water company). By installing top quality state of the art monitoring equipment and linking the Bio-Bubble to Advanced Aeration HQ , our technicians are able to monitor the plant any time of the day or night. This information not only helps re-assure the EA but also helps reduce the need for engineers to visit site in person, helping cut down on call out costs. A win win situation without a doubt.