Bio-Bubble Remote Monitoring System | Wentworth Castle

Wentworth Castle

Wentworth Castle and Stainborough Park opened to the public back in 2007 having had extensive renovation works of which one small part was the installation of a Bio-Bubble Wastewater Treatment Plant. The works; part of a long term management of the Wentworth Estate run by The Wentworth Castle and Stainborough Park Trust, a charitable organisation set up to preserve the buildings and historic parklands for future generations.

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Many more of our clients are taking advantage of the additional service level we provide when we have our system connected via broadband link, the remote monitoring of trended graphs of the levels of pH, dissolved oxygen and mixed liquors suspended solids levels means that on a daily basis we can be sure that the legal commitments required under the Environmental Permit issued to The Wentworth Castle and Stainborough Park Heritage Trust are being met. Should an alarm be generated by the plant we can react without delay to ensure speedy resolution prior to the consequence of inaction becoming costly. The managers of Northern College in conjunction with the Heritage Trust are able to reduce their own on site attendances by staff, freeing them up to concentrate on the business in hand; adult education and providing a visitor attraction to the general public so they may view the only grade 1 listed South Yorkshire landscape. The gardens are influenced by Capability Brown and include numerous historic follies which are a product of a 17th century family feud and rivalry over inheritance which turned the two family factions into a one up-man-ship contest. The result was the creation of two magnificent houses with gardens to match in Yorkshire. As time moved on to the mid 20th century; the Wentworth Estate was split with the mansion house becoming a teacher training college, more laterally, Northern College is an adult residential training college which use Wentworth Castle as its base and education forms a large part of the Heritage Trusts overall plan.
The Trusts work to restore and maintain the gardens and follies is an on-going commitment to ensure these magnificent buildings remain in good order for generations to see in the future, we are pleased to be involved, even in such a small way but as they say every little helps and with the management information back from the plant we can fine tune the operation of the plant so that it only uses the energy that is required to match the given daily load which is always a large variable throughout the year.