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The 1300 Population Bio-Bubble WWTP installed in 2001 for the American computer software giant, SAS Institute, has had such consistent excellent results over the past 10 years, including near full nutrient removal, (Independent Test Results as per the Environment Agency public register, copies available upon request) that the company decided to expand the re-use capacity of this resource from just the irrigation of the cricket pitch, which they provide for the company team and the villagers, to the provision of water for the extensive “Pop-Up” irrigation system, which waters many of the estates beds and precious trees which form part of the arboretum. Additionally the final effluent from the Bio-Bubble WWTP is also plumbed to feed water to the main office building for toilet flushing.

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The final effluent; having been transferred from the grey water storage tank receives tertiary treatment passing through a 50 micron filter and ultra violet system enroute to the final effluent storage tank. We count ourselves very fortunate that SAS Institute has given us the opportunity to be able to demonstrate the true environmental credentials of the Bio-Bubble Advanced Aeration Process. The catchment feeding the Bio-Bubble treatment plant consists of waste from SAS offices, 300 or more houses, the neighbouring five star Danesfield Hotel and the local village school.